August 16, 2012


today was a typical end of summer day. payed bills, ran some errands, went grocery shopping. but between getting caught in a rainstorm, stopping by the farmers market and seeing someone's house decorated for halloween already it's feeling like fall is right around the corner.

we're going to squeeze in lots of summer fun in the next weeks, but i am happy a new season is around the corner. big things are coming up for our little family. the biggest being our new gray home.

and a little funny tidbit for you, compliments of lia. we were in the car earlier and i accidentally hit the car horn. she laughed and said "mama, the car farted!". it was pretty funny. the word "fart" - i expected that if we had boys. but it is what it is. my quirky girl.

lia is taking a late nap & rainstorms are always calming to me. so i am off to enjoy this rare quiet afternoon! i am thinking pinterest and pandora are going to be involved...

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  1. So cute!! My girl (who just turned two) is also very curious about "farts" - whenever she hears a loud noise she assumes that's what it is! Where do they come up with these things??!! Hope you are enjoying your quiet afternoon!


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