August 14, 2012


i can't want it. when she doesn't want something. like her agua. or to pick up her toys.

please & thank you. and an occasional bless you when someone sneezes.

go away. stop, mama. no, mama. get in bed, mama. you know, anything to boss me around.

what now?! m taught her that one...

she can name some colors. blue, pink, yellow, orange, green. she just doesn't always name the right color. and a lot of times she says blueyellow. like it's all one color?

she pretty much repeats anything we say so her vocabulary is HUGE. she's starting to put together long sentences, like 4 or 5 words. and we can basically understand everything she says. sometimes i forget she's only 2 1/2.

i did it!

i find.

right dere.

i like it dat one. when she likes anything.

in moe's yesterday, i tried getting m's attention by saying "babe". but i didn't say it loud because i didn't want to scream it across the restaurant. no worries, she took care of that. she screams BABE! oh, was she loud. got his attention though!

she also calls us honey sometimes.

she's mastered i love you. and is always SO sweet about telling us she loves us. and it's really fun to hear her walk through target & name everything she loves. i lub shoes. i lub chocolate. i lub this, mama.

and she is always talking about a frog outside. we saw one once, weeks ago. i am sure it's gone by now. but she isn't.

she counts 1-10 in english & spanish.

she can make a fish face, tell you what a monkey sounds like, and knows that a rabbit & frog hop and rawrs better than a dinosaur.

she can give eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, fish kisses and "european kisses". haha, those are what we call a peck on each cheek.

she asks for cakes every morning. that means pancakes. and she wants to lick the batter. she really thinks we're baking a cake. every. time.

my days are never boring with her around. 

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  1. Saw your questionnaire post on Lark and Lace and now following. Your daughter is adorable!
    xo sandra


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