August 3, 2012


i'm thinking of starting a new series of blog posts | my favorite things. it's my way of collecting all the things i want to show to, share with & teach to lia. favorite books. heartwarming movies. inspiring words and lessons well-learned. the perfect cookie recipe. a moment between her father and i. blogs that inspire me. art. lovely cities.

when she grows up, i want her to feel like she knew me. and that i had a lot to share with her. lots of joy to give. with a healthy dose of wise advice. she's my favorite thing. i want everything for her. if she comes across this blog when she's older, these are the things i want her to know.

roald dahl. writer of some of my favorite books, kiddo. you should read matilda, the bfg and charlie and the chocolate factory.

and above all, watch with glittery eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. - roald dahl

read a book. let it sweep you up into another world. fall in love with words. reading has always brought me happiness. i hope you find the same.

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