August 2, 2012

just a normal day.

this is everyday life, most days. making messes because its fun. a lazy weiner dog. me, makeup less & tired. lia in her pajamas. i try to encourage her to help me cook and create things. try being the keyword. being a stay-at-home-mama means i am blessed enough to spend every ounce of my time with lia. but sometimes, i forget to just be. i forget to capture life as we're living it. and i want this blog to be bursting at the seams with life. our life.

and our life is rapidly changing these days. we're moving on to bigger things. our new house is moving along fast. as of yesterday, the frame was already going up! we're trying for another baby. m is going to college this month. i couldn't be a prouder wife. lia is almost three! and every time i hear her put together a new sentence, my heart flips around in my chest. she's just amazing

so here's to life. and all the happy things going on.

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