August 13, 2012


this is what our lately has looked like. mini ice cream cones. bubbles & block parties. bracelets from mexico. chocolate muffins & nachos. family time. and i thought the end of summer would be the perfect time to read the harry potter books. 

today has been relatively easy. besides splashing half the kitchen with apple juice and scrambling to dry the hubbys work shirt with a fan because i forgot it in the dryer. and i found out later that it was already clean. but we painted nails, the house is clean & i got to watch a lifetime movie. so i'm pretty happy.

the kiddo is being whiney but we've only got a few hours and movie night in the park starts. that usually chills her out. then only 4 more days until the weekend. ha!

happy monday.

1 comment:

  1. Sure looks like a pretty fantastic summer to me:) Where did you find those great mini ice cream cones? My kids would go crazy for them!


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