August 8, 2012

catching up.


i've been under the social media radar for a few days. i took on the daunting task of cleaning out lia's closest. i'm trying to make the load we move into our new house a bit lighter. i am seriously anti-clutter.

i finally finished most of it today. and did the dishes. bam. it's been a bit crazy for a few days.

besides that, l-bug has fell in love with painting & chocolate milk. she asks for both at least 10 times a day. which is good because the weather outside hasn't exactly been inviting & milk makes ya strong. we've been spending whatever free moments we can with m. especially since he'll be starting college classes soon! and normal everyday things with a bit of back-to-school & fall shopping tossed in.

weirdly, i've missed documenting our lives here & on instagram. or is that not weird? anyways, fingers crossed i get back on track this week! and come hang out tomorrow, there may or may not be a post all about our awesome new house!

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