August 16, 2012


these dog days of summer are long. with manny working and hot days scaring us away from the park, we're getting pretty antsy and ready for fall.

i try to put a little magic into our days. turn something ordinary into something fun and special. a few nights ago i let her take a bubble bath in my tub. she hsan't done that since we moved in last year. she LOVED it. she stayed in there an hour and still didn't want to get out.

how do you put magic into your days? we'd love new ideas :)


  1. the kids LOVE to build forts downstairs in the family room when it's super cold and rainy out. At this age, I still do most of the building, but they giggle and shriek in their little hideaway...and then destroy it and ask me to rebuild:) We also walk into town for a scoop of ice cream every now and then. Have you ever tried homemade finger paint in the bathtub? My kids really enjoy that too. There are tons of recipes all over Pinterest...

  2. aww. I need some magic in my life ... even though I don't have kids, I try to make days fun for sherman (I know, I'm crazy). this usually consists of trips to petco (and their treat bar) or the dog park. maybe Lia wants to go to the dog park? Ha. :)


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