August 29, 2012

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my babe was sick yesterday. she went from feeling crummy with a fever, to feeling better, to feeling horrible with a very high fever. i hate when she is sick. there is no magical cure that mamas can give their babies. we just have to gather our strength, knowledge and all the love we can give. 

after hearing that hand, foot & mouth disease has been going around, i am thanking god that her fever broke sometime through the night and didn't return. she was cranky & clingy today. but we had some good moments. moments where my heart was bursting with joy. 



i'm chalking it up to teething and hoping that stubborn little molar pushes through already.

here's to finishing out the week strong. it's turning out to be a good one.
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August 27, 2012

 linking up with the hello monday series on lisa leonard's blog.

hello last week of august. which really means, hello birthday week.

hello to getting back in our routine & a few new ones
hello to the calendar full of playdates and fun things to do.

hello to the first signs of fall.
hello 80 degree weather. it's nice to play outside again.

hello clean fresh house to start a clean fresh week.
hello high hopes for this week. i feel like good things are in store.

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the weekend.

August 18, 2012

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it's saturday! we get to spend all day with m. i'm pretty excited! and...

m's sister, her three kids and his brother are driving down from new york today to spend a week with us. it's been almost a year since we have seen them. we're excited to spend time with them. we'll get to finally meet his baby niece!

so if i'm not around much this week, it's because we're showing them the beach & pool, fro-yo and yummy southern food, downtown savannah and the three-story tree house! fingers crossed for good weather because we hope for some good times.
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the gray house.

August 17, 2012


we learned yesterday that as long as no one is working on the house, we are allowed to walk in & around it. we went right away! and i am thinking today that it was a mistake. because now i can't wait to move in.
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August 16, 2012

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after picking up the mess of crayons strewn across the room tonight, i looked up & saw this. our kid totally drew a heart. 

and the amazement never ceases. this is what motherhood is all about.
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today was a typical end of summer day. payed bills, ran some errands, went grocery shopping. but between getting caught in a rainstorm, stopping by the farmers market and seeing someone's house decorated for halloween already it's feeling like fall is right around the corner.

we're going to squeeze in lots of summer fun in the next weeks, but i am happy a new season is around the corner. big things are coming up for our little family. the biggest being our new gray home.

and a little funny tidbit for you, compliments of lia. we were in the car earlier and i accidentally hit the car horn. she laughed and said "mama, the car farted!". it was pretty funny. the word "fart" - i expected that if we had boys. but it is what it is. my quirky girl.

lia is taking a late nap & rainstorms are always calming to me. so i am off to enjoy this rare quiet afternoon! i am thinking pinterest and pandora are going to be involved...
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these dog days of summer are long. with manny working and hot days scaring us away from the park, we're getting pretty antsy and ready for fall.

i try to put a little magic into our days. turn something ordinary into something fun and special. a few nights ago i let her take a bubble bath in my tub. she hsan't done that since we moved in last year. she LOVED it. she stayed in there an hour and still didn't want to get out.

how do you put magic into your days? we'd love new ideas :)
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August 14, 2012

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i can't want it. when she doesn't want something. like her agua. or to pick up her toys.

please & thank you. and an occasional bless you when someone sneezes.

go away. stop, mama. no, mama. get in bed, mama. you know, anything to boss me around.

what now?! m taught her that one...

she can name some colors. blue, pink, yellow, orange, green. she just doesn't always name the right color. and a lot of times she says blueyellow. like it's all one color?

she pretty much repeats anything we say so her vocabulary is HUGE. she's starting to put together long sentences, like 4 or 5 words. and we can basically understand everything she says. sometimes i forget she's only 2 1/2.

i did it!

i find.

right dere.

i like it dat one. when she likes anything.

in moe's yesterday, i tried getting m's attention by saying "babe". but i didn't say it loud because i didn't want to scream it across the restaurant. no worries, she took care of that. she screams BABE! oh, was she loud. got his attention though!

she also calls us honey sometimes.

she's mastered i love you. and is always SO sweet about telling us she loves us. and it's really fun to hear her walk through target & name everything she loves. i lub shoes. i lub chocolate. i lub this, mama.

and she is always talking about a frog outside. we saw one once, weeks ago. i am sure it's gone by now. but she isn't.

she counts 1-10 in english & spanish.

she can make a fish face, tell you what a monkey sounds like, and knows that a rabbit & frog hop and rawrs better than a dinosaur.

she can give eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, fish kisses and "european kisses". haha, those are what we call a peck on each cheek.

she asks for cakes every morning. that means pancakes. and she wants to lick the batter. she really thinks we're baking a cake. every. time.

my days are never boring with her around. 
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August 13, 2012

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this is what our lately has looked like. mini ice cream cones. bubbles & block parties. bracelets from mexico. chocolate muffins & nachos. family time. and i thought the end of summer would be the perfect time to read the harry potter books. 

today has been relatively easy. besides splashing half the kitchen with apple juice and scrambling to dry the hubbys work shirt with a fan because i forgot it in the dryer. and i found out later that it was already clean. but we painted nails, the house is clean & i got to watch a lifetime movie. so i'm pretty happy.

the kiddo is being whiney but we've only got a few hours and movie night in the park starts. that usually chills her out. then only 4 more days until the weekend. ha!

happy monday.
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August 9, 2012


the bottom left picture is how the house looks this week.

it felt like forever before work started on our house. and now, it's going by so quickly. we were told once the siding is on, it'll feel like forever again before we see progress. i guess the insides take the longest. but we are excited!

this has been a dream of ours for SO long. it was on my 3 year bucket list and it was something i threw on there because i wanted it but thought it would never happen. sometimes i need to pinch myself to know it's real. and then i freak out about cleaning that monster!

i don't remember if i posted about the design appointment we had weeks ago. but we picked out all the colors for the house & some other details. the siding will be a gorgeous gray with black shutters and the windows & pillars out front will be white. seriously, it's going to be THE pefect house for a big ole' orange pumpkin and a yard full of kids running around in their halloween costumes. 

something like this. with some light colored bricks on the bottom half of the house. this house makes me swoon. after we picked our colors, i started second guessing our choice. it's hard to design your whole house on teeny little samples that look one way in the office and totally different outside. so i started googling & came across this house. my heart knew, right then, we made the right choice. i love this historic, new england style home. reminds me of the movie hocus pocus. which reminds me of Fall and i'm a sucker for for both.

so there it is. as of now, we're hoping to close the second or third week of november. another reason november will always be my favorite month. i can't wait...
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catching up.

August 8, 2012

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i've been under the social media radar for a few days. i took on the daunting task of cleaning out lia's closest. i'm trying to make the load we move into our new house a bit lighter. i am seriously anti-clutter.

i finally finished most of it today. and did the dishes. bam. it's been a bit crazy for a few days.

besides that, l-bug has fell in love with painting & chocolate milk. she asks for both at least 10 times a day. which is good because the weather outside hasn't exactly been inviting & milk makes ya strong. we've been spending whatever free moments we can with m. especially since he'll be starting college classes soon! and normal everyday things with a bit of back-to-school & fall shopping tossed in.

weirdly, i've missed documenting our lives here & on instagram. or is that not weird? anyways, fingers crossed i get back on track this week! and come hang out tomorrow, there may or may not be a post all about our awesome new house!

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August 3, 2012

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i'm thinking of starting a new series of blog posts | my favorite things. it's my way of collecting all the things i want to show to, share with & teach to lia. favorite books. heartwarming movies. inspiring words and lessons well-learned. the perfect cookie recipe. a moment between her father and i. blogs that inspire me. art. lovely cities.

when she grows up, i want her to feel like she knew me. and that i had a lot to share with her. lots of joy to give. with a healthy dose of wise advice. she's my favorite thing. i want everything for her. if she comes across this blog when she's older, these are the things i want her to know.

roald dahl. writer of some of my favorite books, kiddo. you should read matilda, the bfg and charlie and the chocolate factory.

and above all, watch with glittery eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. - roald dahl

read a book. let it sweep you up into another world. fall in love with words. reading has always brought me happiness. i hope you find the same.

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just a normal day.

August 2, 2012

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this is everyday life, most days. making messes because its fun. a lazy weiner dog. me, makeup less & tired. lia in her pajamas. i try to encourage her to help me cook and create things. try being the keyword. being a stay-at-home-mama means i am blessed enough to spend every ounce of my time with lia. but sometimes, i forget to just be. i forget to capture life as we're living it. and i want this blog to be bursting at the seams with life. our life.

and our life is rapidly changing these days. we're moving on to bigger things. our new house is moving along fast. as of yesterday, the frame was already going up! we're trying for another baby. m is going to college this month. i couldn't be a prouder wife. lia is almost three! and every time i hear her put together a new sentence, my heart flips around in my chest. she's just amazing

so here's to life. and all the happy things going on.
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livy love sale!

August 1, 2012

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okay ya'll, i wanted to blog about this really quick. i've read diana's blog for a while & i am absolutely in love with the prints in her shop. so i jumped at the chance of letting all of you know about her BIG sale coming up!  

& here's a few of my favorite things.
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another Livy Love Designs sale is going on now! take advantage of this sale and save 40% off your order!  just click here to go to the shop.  please note that all orders will not be shipped until the sale ends unless contacted.  happy shopping!
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