July 13, 2012



just some things that can be heard around here lately.

my turn, my turn, my turn. about everything.

i explained to her that daddy was away at work for a week. so when i asked her where he was, she'd say papi work. then we video chatted a few times. i asked her again, where's papi? she says, papi in phone.

if we drop food on the ground outside, she'll start yelling birds eat.

if she's somewhere she doesn't want to be, she points around and says back home, back home.

i lub. and sometimes she'll say you. mostly just, i lub. and only after i tell her i love you and she has a giggle fest about it.

help me! whenever she wants to help me.

she now calls my mom gan-dma in the cutest voice ever. as opposed to months of calling her mom.

and everything is silly or funny these days.

ha ha. she deliberately laughs. funniest thing. ever.

go away.  while shaking her hands and head. it's funny, but not funny.

she now says pease and tank you. sometimes.


  1. Love this stage. My little miss will be two next weekend and is saying the funniest things lately. It's so much fun watching them turn into little people :)

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog. Check it out <3


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