July 27, 2012


these days lia surprises me all.the.time with the things she says. a few days ago after i asked if she wanted to get dressed, she replied with "i busy". oh, okay. and yesterday she walked up to me and said "happy birthday".

i forget how much she really listens and pay attention to her surroundings. she's always talking about the ice cream truck. birds in the blue sky. and she's always singing along to her favorite songs on Yo Gabba Gabba and now asking to watch new shows like Dino Dan & Umi Zoomi.

she just keeps growing and changing. does it ever slow down!?

well tonight, she thew me a new one. i mentioned it was almost time for bed but we could snuggle in mommy's bed & watch some tv. she asked to sleep in mama's bed. hmm. now i am all for sleeping close to l, but she is a bed-hog and noone but her sleeps well. so we tend to keep her in her own bed. when i told her no, her little face crumpled up and she got SO upset. then she asked to sleep in her playpen. she actually learned to say playpen. and we keep it set up in our room because she wakes up a lot during the night. i said no to that too. i know, i know - mean mama. she was SO SO hurt. and then she just had to make me feel even worse. she asked to sleep on the sofa and said she'd be quiet for me.

oh kid. it broke my heart tonight but i promise i have a good reason when i put you to bed in your own room. i even promised her a sleepover in my room tomorrow night. but it didn't stop her little face from being so sad & upset.

anyways, i got a video of her asking to sleep on the sofa. my heart swells every time i hear her learn new words and put sentences together.

ps. she is asleep in her own bed & gave me no problems!!


  1. heart wrenching but, I would have done the exact same thing. Actually, neither of my kiddos are exactly the snuggling type. Timmy's idea of snuggling in bed is he lays on one side and I lay on the other...not touching him AT ALL. "Mommy, I love snuggling with you" he says. Funny little guy he is:)


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