July 3, 2012

quiet days ahead.

we've driven hundreds and hundreds of miles, sat in the car hours on end, tried everything to keep L occupied & happy, dealt with a hard funeral and we've now made it back to north carolina.

we're gonna spend a few days with my family here before heading back to our normal daily lives back home. it's been a very busy weekend. i've tried to keep up with twitter and reading your blogs but for the first time in a while, i just don't feel like it. i just don't.

so i am taking a break from everything. i'm going to spend time with my sisters & brother. visit with my parents. take L to all our old stomping grounds where we spent a lot of time when we lived here for 8 months. we're going to see old friends we haven't seen in years. maybe go on a date with M. i'm just going to be. and next week, when we're settled in back home, i promise i'll be back with stories and pictures. and i'll show all my sponsors a little extra love then! thanks for bearing with me during all this.

happy fourth of july! celebrate and be happy.

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