July 12, 2012

my little swimmer.

l-bug is officially a swimmer. my girl can kick those little legs and paddle her arms with all her might. she wears a swim vest that goes around her arms and chest and when i took her to a pool playdate a few weeks ago, i knew she was showing signs of swimming. but that was in the 1 ft section of a zero entry pool.

sunday afternoon we all headed to the pool by our house. it's a regular pool. and as usual, we carried L into the water. until she said "my turn, my turn". uh? and then, M let go of her. and just like that, she was laughing & splashing. which turned into asking to jump on the pool steps. and my jump, she at in the water on the steps and just walked off of them. but the look on her face? guys, she was SO proud of herself. i was so proud too. part of me couldn't believe it & hoped she was shrink back down to being my little baby. and the other, much bigger part wanted to shout to the world that my girl is growing into the most amazing little girl. 

i went straight home and looked into swim lessons. the local place is completely booked throughout summer. and the closest YMCA, 45 minutes away, offers mommy & me classes for her age but i feel like she's too advanced for that. she's already 2 1/2 and clearly doesn't need introduction to the water. i think we're gonna wait until next summer, she'll be 3 1/2, and she can take the classes where she's in the water with the instructor, getting one-on-one lessons.



but guys, she's a swimmer!!

Mrs Stephanie T


  1. That's awesome! Precious pictures:) My boys are in the process of learning..it's taken a while but we're getting there.

  2. Look at her go! That is awesome. :)

  3. How fun!!!! She looks totally proud of herself. I can't imagine how much my heart would swell watching my baby do something so exciting! :)

  4. Yay! That is awesome! She definitely looks very proud of herself!


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