July 20, 2012


lately, it has been jam-packed. lately, it's been a bit crazy. lately, the days seem to swirl together as july slips through my fingers like sand.

we jumped into the swing of summer and as the days get longer & hotter, i rack my brain for things to do. mornings aren't L's strong suit these days. some mornings are like a battlefield and the tantrums and tears get thrown at me until the evening. 

we've spent lots of time with family lately. my sister-in-law is staying with us. my nephew spent a week with us and we got to spend a day with my sister when she came to pick him up. 

we're crossing things off our summer to-do list. i even wrote it on the chalkboard so it could become more of a family affair.

our new house is coming along! all the permits came in and we've signed more papers. the frame of the floor is up and plumbing & the foundation should go in within 2 weeks. it's still a bit surreal but we are SO excited for this new chapter in our lives. it's inspiring me to dream and create.

we had family pictures taken a few nights ago. our original plan fell through but i am hoping we got some good shots in. it's been about a year since our last photos and l-bug is so different now.

other than all that, our month has been full of yummy food, trips to the library, mini-date with my nephew for ice cream & a trip to the comic book shop. learning to fishtail braid and lots of manicures. movie night in the park & l's first movie in theaters (we saw dophin tale!). and we tossed in a little thrifting at yard sales and a trip to krispy kreme for good measure.

july has been a whirlwind so far.

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  1. Time seems to be flying by faster than usual this summer. I'm having a hard time keeping up and accepting the fact that it's already half over.

    It sounds (and looks!) like you guys are having a great summer.


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