July 26, 2012

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Hi! I’m Natalie, wife to The Mister, and super mom extraordinaire to E (and dog).  The Mister and I were both born and raised in southern NJ.  We go down the shore and not to the beach.  That’s a very important piece of information!

Oddly enough we have lived about 10 miles apart our entire lives and never met until our last year of college {The Mister’s last undergrad class to be exact}.  Actually that isn’t true, we have pin pointed a handful of times that we were both in the same place at the same time, but never realized until much later on in life.  We both have undergraduate degrees in physics, and The Mister has a super awesome Master’s degree as well.  I like to tell him he’s adorkable.

 I am a former analytical chemist; current corporate America pencil pusher, and certified domestic failure.  The Mister would make a fabulous house wife; I on the other hand would not.  So it’s probably best that I remain tucked away in corporate America for now.  Cleaning and organize are not my fortes, but I’m a wiz with a mixer and some frosting.

I am a lover of shoes, wine, bacon, and shiny objects.  In my free time which is rare and fleeting these days I LOVE to take pictures of everything.  If you look around a little you will see an intense amount of photographs of my daughter.  I take so many pictures of her that she now looks when she hears my lens focusing.  It’s a small addiction, but in the end I’m OK with that.  All in all I enjoy bloggingpinning, cheese, wine, and shoes.  I can be found blogging most about everyday life, and very little is off limits {you have been warned}.

The Mister and I met in a class called Statistical Mechanics way back in January of 2005.  I decided that he was pretty to look at and that he would be mine.  Obviously I was successful.  We became engaged in April 2007 and were married on June 6th, 2008.  In August 2010 we found out that we would start on another new adventure together when we found out I was pregnant with E.  She was born into our lives in April 1st, 2011.  We will never be the same.  This is also about the time that I lost all of my dignity.

 I am a cloth diaperingbaby food making, please stop eating the table sort of mom.  I have no parenting style except to just wing it on the best and worst of days.  Both The Mister and I are doing our best to be the greatest parents to E.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but all in all I think everyone will be OK.

We also have the most amazing and beloved little dog EVER; Oscar.  He is our first baby and terribly spoiled.  Almost two months after his fifth birthday we found out that he has a liver issue.  We are hoping that through a diet change and medication we can still expect to have 5+ more good years with him.  He is more then a pet in our household and is an important member of our family.

Sadly on February 18th, 2012 we said good-bye to Oscar.  He took a turn for the worst and we knew it was for the best.  We will one day get another dog for E, but for now we are just missing our little furry monster.

 I hope you come and visit, check out some posts, and enjoy a glass of wine with us!

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