June 2, 2012


another recipe! 

whenever we have guests over, whether its just friends or a party or a thirty-one event, i feel like i am supposed to bake. like, i feel kind of weird if i don't have a plate of freshly baked cookies ready. that doesn't mean i always bake, but i do always think i should. i'm sure our best friends in hawaii would agree.

i've got a few thirty-one parties coming up and while i was in the market today, i grabbed some cookie supplies. the white chocolate chips had this recipe on the back so i gave it a try.

these are very sweet, but very good.

recipe here. i split it in half because i didn't want as many cookies.

and apparently i have nothing better to blog about these days than the happenings of my kitchen. go me!


  1. Those look AMAZING! :) I will have to try those sometime very soon! :) Hi! I'm Breanna, your newest follower :) So happy to find your blog!

  2. thanks!! they were pretty good :) i'm so glad you found my blog. thanks for saying hi!

  3. Oh, those look SO. GOOD.


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