June 28, 2012


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summer is here and we're officially in the swing of things. we've been to the beach. we've had pool playdates. we got snocones and spent the afternoon in the park. we tried rita's. we took play-dough outside for some fun. i've already got a nasty, peeling sunburn while L has the perfect tan.

it's our first summer living in south carolina and i want to take advantage of everything here. here's hoping our summer bucket list will keep the long, hot days of summer full & fun.

 dollar movies at the local theatre
bike rides
see a baseball game
sno cones
roast marshmallows and hotdogs
visit the childrens museum
go to the drive-in theater
finger paint a masterpiece
see fireworks
ice cream truck
cover the driveway in sidewalk chalk
go swimming
gaze at the stars
sonic happy hour
family pictures
picnic at the park
fly a kite
blow bubbles
read books
visit oatland island
beach day
make homemade popsicles
sprinklers at coligny plaza

this last one is for me. i want to make an awesome summer playlist. i've been scouring my itunes and pandora. does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. dollar movies?! say what?
    sonic happy hour ... now that is something I understand.

  2. yes! our local theatre is doing kids movies in the mornings for only $1. or .50 cent when you buy them all in advance :) i hope they do it next year when L will be more into movies!


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