June 29, 2012

my girl.

today has been...hard. hot. stressful. a bit crazy. i had a total mom meltdown fail in target. i snapped at L and snatched my things from the cashier. over a coupon. really.

but now it's 10 PM. we're on the other side of today. minus a few last minute items in the morning, i've packed our bags. the house is picked up and dishes are done. and i've made some snacks & lunches to pack on the go.

we're off to kentucky tomorrow morning. my uncle passed away earlier today. he lost his short battle with cancer. he was a great man and i have great memories of the time he took us to disney world and tickle fights and telling me about all scuba diving. he'll be dearly missed. the funeral is sunday and then we'll drive back to north carolina to spend the week with my family as we had planned earlier.

i wasn't going to blog just yet. but earlier, i was hanging out with Lia and i realized something. today wasn't all about whining. for the first time in what feels like a long time, she was happy almost all day long. bouncing off the walls. dancing and twirling to the fresh beat band. she calls them the band. it seems to be a new found favorite for her and we watched the luau episode on repeat this afternoon. she kept asking to hug and snuggle me. she was my sweet little lia bug. with a few normal two year old moments. it makes me realize that we won't be in this hard toddler stage forever. then again, we won't be in the little stage forever. that breaks my heart a bit, but seeing her grow and learn and become more amazing each day just swells my heart up with joy and happiness.

this little girl we've created, she's everything to us. she's our whole world. and no matter what comes our way, having her around at the end of the day overcomes it all.

i just wanted to remind myself that better days are always ahead and i should really cherish the moment i am in, whatever moment that may be.

i'll be back around sometime after next week. hope you have some happy days.

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  1. She is a beauty! Sorry to hear about your uncle. I am glad you will be able to visit family.


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