June 15, 2012


i can't believe i haven't blogged all week. it kind of makes me sad, but on the other hand - it was a nice break. i caught up on most of the laundry. really, is laundry every caught up on? i cleaned the house. got the grocery shopping out of the way. 

we had our design appointment yesterday. it went good. call me crazy, but one day i have the dream of seriously designing our own home from top to bottom. i am TOTALLY blessed and thrilled we are buying our own home. please don't get me wrong. it is just a little weird being told you have to choose from this, this and this. you know? anyways. we picked our house color, shutter colors, paint colors. chose our floors and cabinets. door handles and fireplace tile. 

and the kicker? lia didn't care that i was gone. for FIVE hours. five, people. i have never left her alone with anyone but my family before. i was prepared for a huge meltdown. we even bought her a ball on the way home as a surprise. probably mommy guilt. she loved her ball but she loved playing with my friend and her son more. i guess she is growing up. i cried just a teeny bit yesterday.

but that was good. and i had lots of fun in columbia last weekend for my thirty-one conference. other than that, we've been hanging at the library (L met Cinderella this week & learned the word "princess") or at home watching cartoons. it's kind of too hot to be out most days now. L has really been into getting her nails painted this week. and i've been slowing adding fun details to her big girl room and picking out oufits for family pictures.

it's another friday night here. M surprised me by taking the day off! but we ended up having an appointment with the bank this morning and going all the way to his work for a family BBQ with all of his co-workers. so while we got to be together, we weren't really together too much. he's at his other job now. me & L are holding down the fort. tomorrow i have another thirty-one meeting and then i am hoping we can squeeze in some family time. M leaves for a week on sunday. maybe we can squeeze in a fathers day breakfast somewhere before he leaves.

now i am off to finish laundry, rack my brain for ways to fill up our empty week and maybe read a book. maybe. because if i close my eyes, i'll probably fall asleep. being tired seems to be a theme around here lately.

happy weekending! maybe i'll be around again before next friday.

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  1. The photos are beautiful(: I love how you arranged them!


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