June 5, 2012


these have all been on instagram (_happyheartblog), but in case you missed them, here's what we've been up to. 

a lot of bath time and meal times. painting our nails fun shades of pink and mint. awesome new sunnies & socks from F21. relaxing. naps on the sofa. fresh flowers. braids. changing up the blog. pool time. home-buying adventures. 

i've also been trying to rack my brain on how to get better at thirty-one. and what to do with lia-bug all summer. m is busy with work a lot. he got a second job. we're using it to help quickly pay off some debt and put ourselves in an even better house-buying situation. we're teaching ourselves better money habits and we want to be able to give lia the best future possible. he's pretty much working A LOT. and i couldn't be prouder of having such a hard-working man. on top of that, he'll be out of town for a week soon with his main job, so there will be lots of mama/lia time and we'll go stir-crazy in this house. 

but it's been good lately. we've been good. and it's about to get better because i'm gonna go snuggle in bed and watch a movie with my love. he has the night off. we love nights off these days.

happy tuesday night.


  1. super cool instagram pics!!! looks like a fun summer so far to me:)

    I actually just joined the world and signed up for instagram. Are you able to do those collages with that app?

  2. hi! no :( i uploaded all of my instagram pictures to picmonkey.com and created a collage through there!


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