June 8, 2012


hey guys.

it's the weekend! i am so glad it's here. literally, i can feel my eyes close as i type this. i am *that* tired. i have been out of this week. i've let the dishes pile up, i've relaxed on parenting and let L destroy the house, i've barely cooked. i haven't cleaned. i haven't touched the laundry. and i really can't remember when the last time i showered was. tmi? yeah, tis the life of a mama sometimes.

i just haven't been feeling so great. and instead of trying to power through it, i just gave it and let it take over. and right now i am in a benadryl haze and fighting sleep. only an hour before i can get L in bed. on the bright side, she's been doing a lot better about sleep this week.

i hate when the house is in shambles. i can't concentrate. i can't do anything until i clean up and then i get so aggitated with all the messes, i feel like saying to hell with it all, you know? so i am thankful the weekend is here. i am thankful i have a thirty-one conference to go to tomorrow. it forces me to shower and get dressed and look like a human, and gives me some mama time. plus, L really misses her daddy and it'll be great for them to spend the day together. 

side note - i LOVE the few moments he gets with her when he stops in at home before heading to his second job. we sit down and have a quick dinner and then he runs all around the house with her, playing hide and seek. she has the time of her life and it helps wear her out so my evenings go a little bit easier. have i mentioned how much i love that man lately?

i'm also thankful that weekends mean extra hours with M. and a few extra hours for me to kick some house cleaning/grocery shopping/funk-killing booty. i can just get it all out this weekend and start monday with a fresh slate. 

we have a busy week coming up. play dates. story time and the summer reading program. another thirty-one event. and! we have the design appointment for our new house. we'll get to figure out all those details that make this new house our home. it's going to be stressful - we only get 2 hours. and i am leaving L for the first time with a non-family member. for several hours! but i am excited. we are making a dream come true. how many times in a lifetime do we that chance?

now i am off to go snuggle my munchkin. she amazes me beyond belief some days...


  1. awe YAY!!! Good luck with your house appt! Good things are coming your way :)

  2. I am hoping you feel 100% soon, it's hard being a sick Momma!! Hopefully your exciting week will help you out. :)

    Also, I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award. xo


    1. i am on my way to feeling like myself again and SO thankful! thanks :)

    2. and thanks for the blog award too!! how awesome!

  3. Oh my gosh I totally know how you feel about not being able to do anything until the house is cleaned up! The other day I told my husband to leave for two hours because I needed to focus and write. He came home to a spic and span clean house but no writing had been done. I tried to explain but boys just don't get it. And yes, the dishes are constantly piling up in my house too. I feel your pain! Just found your blog and have really loved looking around! I'm exciting to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. isn't it such a pain when noone else realizes how that is? glad i am not the only one :)

      thanks for following along with us!!

  4. busy weeks are the best kind of weeks, aren't they? i am so sad that the weekend is over :( love your blog, going to check out your previous posts :)

    please stop on by:

  5. this sounds a lot like my life :P && I agree - I love when I get little moments like myself, especially because my little girl gets one-on-one time with her daddy!


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