June 6, 2012

feeling blessed.

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it's 8:30 pm. i have a toddler that is wide awake, eating chocolate cereal. and a husband working hard at his second job for us. i am feeling overly grateful for everything we have. and overly tired.

dishes are strewn across the dining room table from a rushed dinner. toys are scattered across the house again. there is a trail of sticky red popsicle stains on the floor from the sofa to the computer desk. the laundry is piling up again. the toilets could use a good scrubbing. heck, the whole house could use a good scrubbing. but, i drove by the lot of our future house tonight and felt that dream spark.

i need to find time. i need to give lia more quality time with me. i need to learn to carve out some me time so i can be a better parent and wife. i need to keep a rein on my short-fused temper. i need to just focus and get control of things again.

it's weird feeling overly thankful for all the blessings i have, but not feeling like i balance them all too well at the same time. oh well, just some ramblings from a tired mama. 

l is saying "come" meaning to go lay in bed with her while she watches the cat in the hat. i have things to do, but tonight i'm saying yes. at least, to this. how can i resist those big, soulful brown eyes of hers?

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  1. I needed this, thank you! & you're right! I want the same thing too


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