June 17, 2012


today was pretty awesome. we didn't get to spend all day with M. he left around 2 PM for a business trip and he'll be gone a week. but, having that in mind we decided to go out for breakfast and make happy moments with the time we did get today.

there's this restaurant on hilton head island called skillets cafe. we went there once in january with some friends who were visiting. somehow we got the same waiter today and he remembered us. from january!? it was a little weird and funny. but the food is delicious and the weather was perfect to eat on the patio. they even have a doggy menu.

afterwards we headed home. L started throwing a tantrum in the car so we stopped off at a park so she could burn off some energy. she had SO much fun. i can't believe how big she is getting! and we got to watch some turtles, fishes and an alligator from the dock. i miss NY a lot but having blue skies and palm trees year round ain't so shabby.

i feel so blessed today. so incredibly happy that i have a guy who is the most amazing husband and father. i am so proud of him and i can't wait to make more babies with him! 

happy fathers day M. you make our day, every day!

and happy fathers day to my daddy. you are always there to support and encourage us and i love you for that.

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