June 26, 2012


last month we were spending the perfect afternoon in savannah and i realized how much i really miss the city. the feeling that it's full of life. the quirky people, the beautiful people, the families & children. the culture and the history. the charm that flows through the streets. i feel inspired every time i am in a downtown city area. i came up with a new tradition for my little family. we'll spend one weekend a month in savannah. soaking up everything it has to offer.

 this past weekend is the weekend that worked out for june. and we had SO much fun. 




we played ball in forsyth park. ate a picnic lunch of chicken salad, crackers and frosted animal cookies. cooled off with a cherry shaved ice from a street vendor. is it me or does everything from a street vendor taste better? like it's full of city vibes and germs. i fell in love again with the old trees that provide the perfect shade. and i squished my minty toes in the soft grass and thought over and over to myself; this. this is summer.

and then we were hot and sweaty and exhausted. we ended up at the mall and let l-bug make a new puppy at build-a-bear. his name is bear. and he's just the cutest thing ever. she likes to squish him and give him hugs. the girl is an animal lover, for sure.

i love that we have this amazing, historic city so close to us. i want lia to grow up with the same love of big cities that manny and i share. i want her to be inspired and to fall in love and to spend simple, perfect weekends in the city.

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