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June 29, 2012

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today has been...hard. hot. stressful. a bit crazy. i had a total mom meltdown fail in target. i snapped at L and snatched my things from the cashier. over a coupon. really.

but now it's 10 PM. we're on the other side of today. minus a few last minute items in the morning, i've packed our bags. the house is picked up and dishes are done. and i've made some snacks & lunches to pack on the go.

we're off to kentucky tomorrow morning. my uncle passed away earlier today. he lost his short battle with cancer. he was a great man and i have great memories of the time he took us to disney world and tickle fights and telling me about all scuba diving. he'll be dearly missed. the funeral is sunday and then we'll drive back to north carolina to spend the week with my family as we had planned earlier.

i wasn't going to blog just yet. but earlier, i was hanging out with Lia and i realized something. today wasn't all about whining. for the first time in what feels like a long time, she was happy almost all day long. bouncing off the walls. dancing and twirling to the fresh beat band. she calls them the band. it seems to be a new found favorite for her and we watched the luau episode on repeat this afternoon. she kept asking to hug and snuggle me. she was my sweet little lia bug. with a few normal two year old moments. it makes me realize that we won't be in this hard toddler stage forever. then again, we won't be in the little stage forever. that breaks my heart a bit, but seeing her grow and learn and become more amazing each day just swells my heart up with joy and happiness.

this little girl we've created, she's everything to us. she's our whole world. and no matter what comes our way, having her around at the end of the day overcomes it all.

i just wanted to remind myself that better days are always ahead and i should really cherish the moment i am in, whatever moment that may be.

i'll be back around sometime after next week. hope you have some happy days.

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June 28, 2012

                                                                        Source: via kristy on Pinterest

summer is here and we're officially in the swing of things. we've been to the beach. we've had pool playdates. we got snocones and spent the afternoon in the park. we tried rita's. we took play-dough outside for some fun. i've already got a nasty, peeling sunburn while L has the perfect tan.

it's our first summer living in south carolina and i want to take advantage of everything here. here's hoping our summer bucket list will keep the long, hot days of summer full & fun.

 dollar movies at the local theatre
bike rides
see a baseball game
sno cones
roast marshmallows and hotdogs
visit the childrens museum
go to the drive-in theater
finger paint a masterpiece
see fireworks
ice cream truck
cover the driveway in sidewalk chalk
go swimming
gaze at the stars
sonic happy hour
family pictures
picnic at the park
fly a kite
blow bubbles
read books
visit oatland island
beach day
make homemade popsicles
sprinklers at coligny plaza

this last one is for me. i want to make an awesome summer playlist. i've been scouring my itunes and pandora. does anyone have any suggestions?

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featured sponsor, june | meet emily!

June 27, 2012

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okay ya'll, i've got another amazing blogger for you to meet. emily from writings of an air force wife. funny story, em and i grew up only a few towns away and never "met" until i stumbled upon her blog when they were living in alaska and we were in new york. we still haven't met IRL yet but i consider her an amazing friend! trust me, you guys are going to want to check out her blog.


hi i'm emily and i blog over at writings of an air force wife. i fill my little slice of the blogosphere with our everyday little moments and happenings, along with little nuggets of happiness that sends me over-the-moon. i'm a painter, a do-er, mama of two, and an air force wife of 10 years. on the side, i like to pretend i'm a professional photographer, but ultimately i enjoy taking the images that i've captured and twisting them together with words to create our unique military experience. we're currently enduring our seventh deployment, so join along in my emotional rollercoaster of heartbreak and happiness.

"life is either a great adventure, or nothing." - helen keller


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June 26, 2012

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last month we were spending the perfect afternoon in savannah and i realized how much i really miss the city. the feeling that it's full of life. the quirky people, the beautiful people, the families & children. the culture and the history. the charm that flows through the streets. i feel inspired every time i am in a downtown city area. i came up with a new tradition for my little family. we'll spend one weekend a month in savannah. soaking up everything it has to offer.

 this past weekend is the weekend that worked out for june. and we had SO much fun. 




we played ball in forsyth park. ate a picnic lunch of chicken salad, crackers and frosted animal cookies. cooled off with a cherry shaved ice from a street vendor. is it me or does everything from a street vendor taste better? like it's full of city vibes and germs. i fell in love again with the old trees that provide the perfect shade. and i squished my minty toes in the soft grass and thought over and over to myself; this. this is summer.

and then we were hot and sweaty and exhausted. we ended up at the mall and let l-bug make a new puppy at build-a-bear. his name is bear. and he's just the cutest thing ever. she likes to squish him and give him hugs. the girl is an animal lover, for sure.

i love that we have this amazing, historic city so close to us. i want lia to grow up with the same love of big cities that manny and i share. i want her to be inspired and to fall in love and to spend simple, perfect weekends in the city.
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sponsor highlight, june | medium sponsor love!

June 22, 2012

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its time for me to feature some more awesome ladies! meet tabi, stevie and tricia. please stop by their blogs and show them some love & support!



a little about me: i am tabi, i'm 29ish and a proud stay at home mom. i worked full time up until i had my baby zoie in september 2010, so i'm sort of newish at the SAHM gig, but i'm rocking it. i have a superhero husband (christopher) and 3 1/2 beautiful children : roxy (6), riley/the bear (4), zoie (just about 21 months) and cameron (my stepson, 10 aka "preteen").

a little about my blog: i blog about my family, mostly, but also my hopes, dreams, crazy thoughts, happenings in our life and what keeps me happy. i have a recurring five things that make me happy friday post and sometimes i post parent tips. i like lists and instagram pictures. (follow me on instagram, i'm tabid).

i started this blog as a way to put more emphasis on the postive things in my life and also as a way to record and archive these happenings as my memory is pretty crappy. a bonus is it helps me keep in touch with far away family and friends. what i didn't realize when i started this blog was how cathartic blogging is. that, to date, is my most favorite blogging surprise.

i'm currently hosting a fun little june blogging challenge: whats the word june. it's an easy peasy challenge you can work right in with your regular blog posts. click on over to learn more and join in the fun. :)



 hello! my name is stevie and i blog over at simply-stevie. i started my blog about a year ago and this is my first sponsor post! so excuse me while i blush! i sometimes post delish recipes, a few healthy tips here and there, pictures of my cute little sister, but most importantly i like to blog about moments where i come to find out who i am. we all live our life differently. we live day to day. but sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses! and when i do, i blog about it! whether it be lessons in relationships, ah-ha moments in your life, whatever it may be and teaching myself to take things as they come, and to take a life lesson away from it. come follow along!



hi, i'm tricia and i blog at mama marchand's nest. i love jesus, the hubs, my sweet little girl, designing jewelry, tweeting, reading, traveling, yoga, chai and cupcakes. my bloggy nest is a collection of thoughts about the challenges and blessings of mamahood, marriage, faith, friendship, healthy, fashion and everything in between. my etsy shop, mama's nest designs, features eclectic handcrafted new and upcycled jewelry.


i'm currently looking for july sponsors! and i use passionfruit ads so it's free and easy. get all the details from the sponsor tab under my header.
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featured sponsor, june | meet melissa!

June 20, 2012

hey ya'll. please say a big hello to my awesome sponsor melissa! she's an amazing girl and she sews these great little things we all love and know as camera strap covers!! so, stop by her blog, say hello and snag up a camera strap or two.

Hello! I am Melissa and I blog over at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife. I am a not so simple girl who obsesses over a new hobby about every week or so which let me tell you comes in handy when you're looking for new blog material! I've been married for 7 years to the love of my life and have been a pastors kid almost my full 27 years of living. Exciting, I know! I also have the whole sarcasm thing down pretty well ;) I have been blogging since February of this year and it has already taken over my world. HA, I LOVE it, like seriously love it. Oh and the friends I'm making while I'm doing something I love... ya, crazy, I know.

Enough about me, today I am here to tell you about my new pride and joy, my new baby, the cheese to my macaroni, the icing to my cupcake, the pop to my tarts... Bet you are wondering what I'm talking about right about now. You guessed it! My new shop!!!!! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! 

I am so beyond excited to introduce to you The Not So Ordinary Shop. In the shop I am selling some fabulous Camera Strap Covers. 

Why, you say? Well I bought my first DSLR about a month ago and I sewed a strapped for it because the Canon strap that it came with was totally DRAB. I first looked online everywhere for strap covers and I had a hard time finding really cute ones for under $25. I thought it doesn't seem like they should cost that much. So I started thinking about starting a shop where I could sell fabulous camera strap covers at a price everyone could afford. As soon as I told my husband he was behind me 110%, I mean he was writing notes and building equations, I was impressed. I said, if you are in, I am in... SO HERE WE ARE! 

Now who doesn't need their camera all glammed up?  The camera strap covers are easily changeable and slides over your existing camera strap! The default measurements are approximately 25" long and 2.5" wide and will fit any DSLR camera. We also do custom measurements at no extra charge.

We have a lot of different designs in the shop right now, but there are no set designs, so when you see one you like grab it because it might be the last time you will see that exact one. We will be getting new designs all the time, so keep checking back.

In the store the covers start at $10 each plus shipping, but in celebration of the grand opening you can use the code "CELEBRATE" and get them 25% off, which means some straps are only $7.50 plus shipping!!

Thanks for letting me share my new camera straps with you and don't forget to stop by my blog and/or shop and say Hi!

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June 17, 2012

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today was pretty awesome. we didn't get to spend all day with M. he left around 2 PM for a business trip and he'll be gone a week. but, having that in mind we decided to go out for breakfast and make happy moments with the time we did get today.

there's this restaurant on hilton head island called skillets cafe. we went there once in january with some friends who were visiting. somehow we got the same waiter today and he remembered us. from january!? it was a little weird and funny. but the food is delicious and the weather was perfect to eat on the patio. they even have a doggy menu.

afterwards we headed home. L started throwing a tantrum in the car so we stopped off at a park so she could burn off some energy. she had SO much fun. i can't believe how big she is getting! and we got to watch some turtles, fishes and an alligator from the dock. i miss NY a lot but having blue skies and palm trees year round ain't so shabby.

i feel so blessed today. so incredibly happy that i have a guy who is the most amazing husband and father. i am so proud of him and i can't wait to make more babies with him! 

happy fathers day M. you make our day, every day!

and happy fathers day to my daddy. you are always there to support and encourage us and i love you for that.

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June 15, 2012

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i can't believe i haven't blogged all week. it kind of makes me sad, but on the other hand - it was a nice break. i caught up on most of the laundry. really, is laundry every caught up on? i cleaned the house. got the grocery shopping out of the way. 

we had our design appointment yesterday. it went good. call me crazy, but one day i have the dream of seriously designing our own home from top to bottom. i am TOTALLY blessed and thrilled we are buying our own home. please don't get me wrong. it is just a little weird being told you have to choose from this, this and this. you know? anyways. we picked our house color, shutter colors, paint colors. chose our floors and cabinets. door handles and fireplace tile. 

and the kicker? lia didn't care that i was gone. for FIVE hours. five, people. i have never left her alone with anyone but my family before. i was prepared for a huge meltdown. we even bought her a ball on the way home as a surprise. probably mommy guilt. she loved her ball but she loved playing with my friend and her son more. i guess she is growing up. i cried just a teeny bit yesterday.

but that was good. and i had lots of fun in columbia last weekend for my thirty-one conference. other than that, we've been hanging at the library (L met Cinderella this week & learned the word "princess") or at home watching cartoons. it's kind of too hot to be out most days now. L has really been into getting her nails painted this week. and i've been slowing adding fun details to her big girl room and picking out oufits for family pictures.

it's another friday night here. M surprised me by taking the day off! but we ended up having an appointment with the bank this morning and going all the way to his work for a family BBQ with all of his co-workers. so while we got to be together, we weren't really together too much. he's at his other job now. me & L are holding down the fort. tomorrow i have another thirty-one meeting and then i am hoping we can squeeze in some family time. M leaves for a week on sunday. maybe we can squeeze in a fathers day breakfast somewhere before he leaves.

now i am off to finish laundry, rack my brain for ways to fill up our empty week and maybe read a book. maybe. because if i close my eyes, i'll probably fall asleep. being tired seems to be a theme around here lately.

happy weekending! maybe i'll be around again before next friday.
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June 8, 2012

hey guys.

it's the weekend! i am so glad it's here. literally, i can feel my eyes close as i type this. i am *that* tired. i have been out of this week. i've let the dishes pile up, i've relaxed on parenting and let L destroy the house, i've barely cooked. i haven't cleaned. i haven't touched the laundry. and i really can't remember when the last time i showered was. tmi? yeah, tis the life of a mama sometimes.

i just haven't been feeling so great. and instead of trying to power through it, i just gave it and let it take over. and right now i am in a benadryl haze and fighting sleep. only an hour before i can get L in bed. on the bright side, she's been doing a lot better about sleep this week.

i hate when the house is in shambles. i can't concentrate. i can't do anything until i clean up and then i get so aggitated with all the messes, i feel like saying to hell with it all, you know? so i am thankful the weekend is here. i am thankful i have a thirty-one conference to go to tomorrow. it forces me to shower and get dressed and look like a human, and gives me some mama time. plus, L really misses her daddy and it'll be great for them to spend the day together. 

side note - i LOVE the few moments he gets with her when he stops in at home before heading to his second job. we sit down and have a quick dinner and then he runs all around the house with her, playing hide and seek. she has the time of her life and it helps wear her out so my evenings go a little bit easier. have i mentioned how much i love that man lately?

i'm also thankful that weekends mean extra hours with M. and a few extra hours for me to kick some house cleaning/grocery shopping/funk-killing booty. i can just get it all out this weekend and start monday with a fresh slate. 

we have a busy week coming up. play dates. story time and the summer reading program. another thirty-one event. and! we have the design appointment for our new house. we'll get to figure out all those details that make this new house our home. it's going to be stressful - we only get 2 hours. and i am leaving L for the first time with a non-family member. for several hours! but i am excited. we are making a dream come true. how many times in a lifetime do we that chance?

now i am off to go snuggle my munchkin. she amazes me beyond belief some days...

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feeling blessed.

June 6, 2012

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                                                                  Source: via kristy on Pinterest

it's 8:30 pm. i have a toddler that is wide awake, eating chocolate cereal. and a husband working hard at his second job for us. i am feeling overly grateful for everything we have. and overly tired.

dishes are strewn across the dining room table from a rushed dinner. toys are scattered across the house again. there is a trail of sticky red popsicle stains on the floor from the sofa to the computer desk. the laundry is piling up again. the toilets could use a good scrubbing. heck, the whole house could use a good scrubbing. but, i drove by the lot of our future house tonight and felt that dream spark.

i need to find time. i need to give lia more quality time with me. i need to learn to carve out some me time so i can be a better parent and wife. i need to keep a rein on my short-fused temper. i need to just focus and get control of things again.

it's weird feeling overly thankful for all the blessings i have, but not feeling like i balance them all too well at the same time. oh well, just some ramblings from a tired mama. 

l is saying "come" meaning to go lay in bed with her while she watches the cat in the hat. i have things to do, but tonight i'm saying yes. at least, to this. how can i resist those big, soulful brown eyes of hers?
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June 5, 2012


these have all been on instagram (_happyheartblog), but in case you missed them, here's what we've been up to. 

a lot of bath time and meal times. painting our nails fun shades of pink and mint. awesome new sunnies & socks from F21. relaxing. naps on the sofa. fresh flowers. braids. changing up the blog. pool time. home-buying adventures. 

i've also been trying to rack my brain on how to get better at thirty-one. and what to do with lia-bug all summer. m is busy with work a lot. he got a second job. we're using it to help quickly pay off some debt and put ourselves in an even better house-buying situation. we're teaching ourselves better money habits and we want to be able to give lia the best future possible. he's pretty much working A LOT. and i couldn't be prouder of having such a hard-working man. on top of that, he'll be out of town for a week soon with his main job, so there will be lots of mama/lia time and we'll go stir-crazy in this house. 

but it's been good lately. we've been good. and it's about to get better because i'm gonna go snuggle in bed and watch a movie with my love. he has the night off. we love nights off these days.

happy tuesday night.
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June 3, 2012

this weekend was good. i felt pretty sick for most of it, but it was nice spending real time with my big love and my little love. we did some shopping. uhm, because that's what we do every weekend. we went out for lunch and ran some errands. just normal weekend stuff.

i'm hoping that whatever sickness has taken over around here is on it's way out. we've got a busy week ahead and its almost summer! no time for feeling crummy.

oh, and you see that picture of grass and boards? that's where our new home is going! we drove by on saturday to check out some details of other houses to see examples of colors and other things for our design appointment next week. we were happily surprised to see the layout of the foundation was started. it made it so much more real. i am beyond excited for the changes coming up in our lives. if i was a happy dance kind of girl, now would be the time to bust out a jig.  

instead i am snuggled up in bed, watching one tree hill and hearing quiet breathing coming from L's room. sleeping hasn't been her thing lately but tonight she went down without a fight. and i am thankful for that.

anything exciting coming up in your week?
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June 2, 2012

another recipe! 

whenever we have guests over, whether its just friends or a party or a thirty-one event, i feel like i am supposed to bake. like, i feel kind of weird if i don't have a plate of freshly baked cookies ready. that doesn't mean i always bake, but i do always think i should. i'm sure our best friends in hawaii would agree.

i've got a few thirty-one parties coming up and while i was in the market today, i grabbed some cookie supplies. the white chocolate chips had this recipe on the back so i gave it a try.

these are very sweet, but very good.

recipe here. i split it in half because i didn't want as many cookies.

and apparently i have nothing better to blog about these days than the happenings of my kitchen. go me!

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June 1, 2012

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the hubby is out. the little lady fell asleep on the sofa with the dog. and it's a friday night. what's a girl to do?

i made up a big batch of arroz con pollo. i am still feeling cruddy. breathing isn't happenin' much either. but tomorrow is saturday. and that means i get to spend actual time with my little family.

so i cooked tonight and it'll feed us lunch and dinner tomorrow. no cooking for this mama tomorrow. that makes me happy.

                                                                      Source: via kristy on Pinterest

here's the recipe. and that's her picture, because it looks way better than mine.

i'll just go party it up with the dishes, the piles of laundry and the toys scattered all over the floor.
happy weekending.

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savannah, ga.

 i'm starting june off sick and it's not exactly how i want to kick off the month of summer but hopefully it'll clear up in a day or two. so for now, i'll bunker down and ride out the nasties with lia-bug (yep, we're all sick!) and dream up my summer to-do list. 

i'm excited for...  
weekends spent at the beach or savannah. 
some fun thirty-one parties and company events. 
the prospect of building a house. 
fun play dates. 
$1 kids movies at the movie theater and summer reading programs at the library.

what are you excited about in june?

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