May 14, 2012

the weekend.

this one was a busy one. really, it was a 5 day weekend. M had some days off of work so we soaked up plenty of family time & ran lots of errands.

i hosted my first thirty-one party on friday. i have TONS to learn, but i think i am going to really like it. it's kind of fun having a business.

saturday we headed to the downtown area for the village may festival. it was nice to know our small town could put on such a big festival. there was live music, an ugly dog contest, tons of yummy southern & fair types of food. arts and crafts. even a few thrift store booths. M picked on me because i kept seeing people i knew and saying hi. he said i looked like my dad, because my dad knows everyone. it's good to feel like we are starting to belong somewhere though. like somewhere that can finally be home for more than 2-3 years.


after the fest, we headed home to rest for a few hours. and by rest, i mean i baked cookies and repacked L's diaper bag and did some dishes while she ran around like a crazy toddler. we had an invite to a friend's BBQ and didn't get home until 12:30 AM. it was nice though. good company. good food. L had fun playing with their sons and dog. M enjoyed the bonfire with the guys and drank a few beers. i got to hang out with the wife and talk girl stuff.



sunday was full of house stuff like cleaning and laundry and some yummy foods made by my awesome hubs. and L was the perfect blend of sweet and stubborn. and late night snuggles & book readings as a certain toddler cried and refused her way through bedtime.


hope your weekend was just as awesome.


  1. Sounds like you had a busy, but great weekend!

  2. Sounds great. Sunday here wasn't a big deal either, my hubs couldn't came so I spent it with my mom and my almost 2 years old daughter.
    It was fine though, we watched movies and had a really yummy meal that my dad made, shrimps and beef BBQ :p


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