May 21, 2012


we celebrated our anniversary this weekend! it's been five years since i walked down the aisle and promised to love M forever and a day. i'm happy to say we are both still holding strong to that promise ;)

we kept the weekend low-key. friday night we did some house-hunting and caught up on some dvr shows. saturday we had lunch at moe's and spent the afternoon walking around downtown savannah soaking up as much city life as we could. we stopped by this teeny bakery and bought a chocolate cupcake. i made M do the twisted arms/feeding cake to each other thing. ya know, we had to celebrate five years some way. everytime i am in savannah, i miss new york with every fiber of my body. but in turn, it makes me SO thankful that i have a quirky, historic city to roam around in close by with the suburban life i am used to and awesome beaches. i'm pretty lucky

yesterday we did a bit more house-hunting. i love dreaming of our future and i think we may have found the one. afterwards we hit up the freezing cold pool for a bit and i made arroz con pollo for dinner. i think i've finally mastered spanish rice.

now it's monday and time for a new week. playgroups to prep for, laundry to tackle, story-times to attend. there's a house to clean and a house to figure out how to buy. and lots of good moments to sneak in with my girl. my girl who is trying to get out of her nap by quietly playing in her room.

happy monday.

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