May 29, 2012


i could barely drag myself out of bed this morning. i tried every trick in the book to keep L in bed a little longer. in our bed, of course. it was another rough night for her.

i turned on the cat and the hat. she's still obsessing over it. i gave her juice and applesauce in bed. i gave her motrin & orajel. i think those two year molars are coming in. little buggers. i changed her diaper and wiped her nose. i let her jump all over me. let's just say she won the battle.

so i got up. i made breakfast, cleaned up all the dishes, wiped the counters and got dinner in the crockpot. today is going to be a big day. hopefully.

we've got story time this morning. it's the last one until Fall. and tonight, we're meeting up with our realtor and planning on signing the contract to start building our new home!!! we're pretty much nervous as can be. it's a huge step and i just keep praying that it's the right one for us now.

i will post more about the house-hunting game, but for now we've picked out our lot and it's being held with a deposit. we've gotten the numbers of what things will cost and what our monthly payments will look like. we've picked out our floorplan. we go in tonight to go over the contract and if everything still looks good, we'll sign it! i have a feeling that the knot in the pit of my stomach is going to be here until the house is finished.

and on top of all of this, my car registration is expiring. which means i need to get a south carolina license and register my car here. am i the only one who gets nervous about taking these driving tests? i know how to drive, obviously haha, but i am afraid i'll forget something on the written test or a road sign name. there's another knot in my stomach.

as much excitement as this week may hold, i'm ready to just get past it. i'm ready to know all the hard work is done and we can look forward to the future and our dreams.

 i'm off to get us ready for the library and hope that the teeth pain and snot fountain of a nose L has decides to leave us alone soon. hope you have a great tuesday!

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