May 5, 2012


new jewelry from the altered chain // neighborhood pool party // the look - it's her up to something look // swingin' // bubble bath // tired mama // more summer clothes for the little one

we hit up a few yard sales this morning. i scored l-bug some reef sandals, a dora doll, a plush foofah, a book and a puzzle for under $3! then we headed to savannah for some real shopping. our small town doesn't have a mall. we found a new fro-yo shop giving out free yogurt. of course, we stopped. and it was pretty amazing. we picked up a few cute (some free!) tops at old navy and let L run off some energy in the play area. she actually got bold and started climbing on things instead of watching the other kids with a skeptical eye.

we spent the evening at the neighborhood pool party/potluck. i made my delicious black beans again and lia LOVED the pool. 

it was a great saturday. for it to be the first week of may, it feels like july. and now i'm a tired mama with a wide-awake toddler, a messy house and planning an early-morning beach trip tomorrow.

good night.

ps. if anyone cares to know, it was an almost-great day in toddler moods. only a few overly-tired tantrums thrown at us. maybe things are looking up!

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  1. It was so hot where I live too. That pool looks so fun!


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