May 18, 2012

this is why i love my job.

i love my job. i really do. i don't think i've ever really meant that about other jobs. and i am not talking about my job as a mom. that is, of course, my first priority and i have & always will love every minute of it.

but that's why i love my current job. it lets me keep being a mom as my priority. no one sets my hours. no one tells me what to do. i can work while my hair is pulled back into a scrappy ponytail and i'm in my least attractive but most comfortable pajamas. i'll spare you a photo of that.

this is me working. this is my virtual office.
Photobucket Photobucket

it's nestled in one of my favorite rooms in my house. surrounded by pictures of people i love, smell-good candles, the ever-famous matroshkya dolls, l's toys & artwork. i get to work from home. and when i am working out of home, it's for fun conferences or parties. hello, jackpot.

i started about two weeks ago. i held a yard sale, took my earnings and bought my starter kit. i am now a consultant for thirty-one. you can do anything with this job! you can sell every now and then on the side. you can sell a lot. you can get a job promotion and become a director. you can recruit people. you choose.

i am using this as my job. M has a full-time job that is amazing. but we have dreams and goals. we want to buy a house. we want to pay off our debts and take family vacations. i want to be able to let L take whatever hobbies she dreams of. 

the company is amazing! if you've ever thought of selling thirty-one or just love the products, i encourage you to jump in. it's fun. it's easy. and best of all, it's your business! oh, and there's that business of earning rewards and free products.

if you ever want to know more about it, email me at kavilla19{at}gmail{dot}com. i have plenty of information i can give you. it doesn't matter if you live in south carolina or across the country! and we could learn the fun business together.

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