May 25, 2012



lately L has been talking up a storm. sometimes learning several words a day. it's SO much fun but we really have to watch what we say around here.

here's some things she's been saying lately.

calling us honey or babe to make us listen to her. ya know, because that's what i yell at M when he doesn't hear me haha.

she got a new animal puzzle and has learned to say monkey, frog and snail. 

whenever she sees a baby, she points at them and shouts "baby!" and then she tells me everything about that baby. "juice!". "milk!". "bobo!". "sleep!". "feet!". "stroller!". she's an observant one, my gal.

every dog she sees outside is "dog! potty!?". 

her new fascination is turning the "amps" (lamps) on and off at night. 

and just this week, she's learned to tell the difference in poop and pee. so when her diaper dirty, she immediately tells me what it is and then waddles to her room for a change.

we've been working on animal sounds and she's mastered a horse, a dog, a cat, a cow, a duck and a pig. she's also getting pretty good at counting to 10 with some help.

she can name all of her favorite shows + movie. olivia - she calls it olivia, mom, dad, dog, cat, because those are the characters in the intro. yo gabba gabba - is called gabba, toodee, brobee, plex, muno, foofa. dora the explorer is dora & boots. she always tells us which episodes she wants to watch. circus, baby or bugs. oh and her new favorite movie? the cat in the hat. which she lovingly calls cat or hat and some other word that i can't make out.

she's very bossy and is always telling us to "sit!" or "come!" or "go away!". but she does have some manners. she says "peease" alot. we're still working on thank you.

and that's just what i can remember from the past few day. i'm going to work on turning this into a regular series. because this girl is funny.

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