May 9, 2012

a spring storm.

there's a storm brewing. a good storm. the dark clouds are taking over and the neighborhood is quiet.

i love a good storm. the peace it brings. it's like mother nature lets out her frustrations. her bad day. and then we can go back to our sunshine and blue skies.

in the mean time, i'm going to bunker down with my loves. eat a good meal. watch a good movie or catch up on DVR. make some snacks. play a game. 

a good storm always reminds me to slow down. to breathe in each and every moment. to relish the day. so many times i am bogged down with emails and to-dos and bills to pay. i keep my calendar full of play dates and library trips and business parties. festivals and BBQs with friends.

so today, it's like mother nature is giving me a clean agenda for the day. and i'm taking it.


  1. hope you have a relaxing evening during the storm. it's the best time to have one!

  2. I love storms too. I always enjoy cuddling down with a movie on stormy days!


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