May 30, 2012


okay, that was cheesy.

but seriously, i've been seeing a lot of blogs & tweets about passionfruit and how it makes ad swaps SO much easier. and this month? life has gotten busy. things are changing and i haven't talked about all the changes fully here. but ads and sponsorship started messing with my head.

i LOVE my sponsors. i love making new friends and the connections i get from blogging and sponsor swaps. i know for sure i want to keep sponsors up on my blog. but i wasn't sure, creatively, how i wanted to go about it. i tryed something new for may and i liked it but it wasn't quite what i wanted. i was misplacing emails and confusing things up.

i checked out passionfruit today and i think i am gonna really like it. no more emailing back and forth or messing with codes. it's all pretty simple. choose the ad size you want. all of my ads are free! just use the promo code found in the spot info - this months code is swapfreejune. it'll lead you to a new page where you leave your button and info and you are done! 

easy and awesome!

currently i've got 2 featured spots, 4 medium spots and 4 small swap spots open. so for the month of june, if you want to continue sponsoring a little something (and i hope you do!), snag up a spot! the spots run for 30 days, starting from the day you choose one. whether it's the 3rd or the 23rd, you'll get a full 30 days. 

and two little tid-bits i've learned today about passionfruit. awesome customer service. the head guy, jason, was online so i shot him a quick question and he replied immediately! SO nice. also? it does cost a small fee per ad, if you charge for ads. since i do free ad spots, it charges nothing! 

i am going to like this new found organization.

you can "buy" your spots right here now or from the sponsor tab under my header.

  ps. i changed my name on twitter! i've noticed when people tag me, a lot of times they tag {at}alittlesomething which sadly isn't my twitter name or an option. therefore i created a new twitter handle and a pretty new blog banner to match. a little something is basically where i chronicle my life and everything that makes me happy. hence the new header ;)

i am now known on twitter as {at}_happyheartblog. i hope that any confusion in the beginning helps for better communication later! i hate to think i am missing tweets and such because of my handle. so please make sure you follow me on twitter at my new handle and if you have any questions about any of this, email me at blogalittlesomething{at}gmail{dot}com.

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