May 31, 2012

a shiny new name and other stuff.

it's a bright and shiny morning in our house today! well, it's bright & shiny outside :) 

we've got some tantrums going on and dog puke all over the bedroom carpet. that's kind of becoming a norm around here lately and it seriously bums me out. i don't know whats with the tantrums over every little thing every day. but days are really hard lately with my little one. and the dog? let's hope we can afford hardwood throughout the new house not long after we move in. it's getting built with hardwood just on the first floor and the stairs. wood floors are expensive, yo. expensive.

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i wanted to pop in and tell you guys that i changed my blog name. i talked about it on twitter last night but i'm making it official here. first off, i LOVED my old name. i've been blogging since 2008 but i started this blog in april of 2009. it's been three years. i didn't change my name because i didn't like it or because i was bored. i wrote in this post yesterday that my twitter handle wasn't being used and people were trying to tag me by my blog name. but my blog name isn't an option for me to use on twitter. too many characters & the names i tried were taken. so i changed my twitter name. my blog tagline was "all the things that make my heart happy" so _happyheartblog isn't something off the wall from that. and then last night i had a lot of time to kill. M was working and i decided to try and get L back on a regular schedule. which means she was crying it out. for 30 minutes. this heart-broken mama took to being creative on the computer. i ended up changing my blog title to match my twitter handle. but my blog? it's still about the little somethings. those every day things that make my heart swell with joy and inspiration. those things that leave me happy. the URL is still the same. maybe one day i'll change it or get my own domain, but for now i think i've changed enough.

i just want to make it easier to be found and make connections!

i do like my new blog name. i guess it's just hard changing from something that was the name of my small corner of the web for the past three years. here's hoping we all fall in love with the new name. i changed all of my buttons so if you'd snag up a new one and maybe spread the word, that would be awesome!

here's the new details
twitter - {at}_happyheartblog
email - ahappyheartblog{at}gmail{dot}com

you can find my new buttons on the sidebar or in the button tab under my header. i'm also using passionfruit ads now! i LOVE it so far. so, to all of my awesome may sponsors, i hope you snag up a new spot. and to my new sponsors? i can't wait to meet you!


  1. Well i love the new blog name! :) and hardwood floors are expensive but i have them throughout my whole apartment and it's easy peasy to clean so i would invest especially with a little one and a pup around. Have a nice weekend!

  2. thank you!! and yes, i totally think we'll end up with hardfloors throughout the whole house at some point. it'll be a must!

  3. I hear ya sista! Blog names, twitter names, facebook names, facebook pages! AHHH. I like your new domain name though. Simple and its you! P.S. I signed up for a button ad thing. My first one! <3 Ekk!

    1. haha it's crazy how much social network is going on in our lives huh? i am so glad the new name and sponsors are going over so well! makes me happy :) i got you all set up with your button on my ad - i'll email you later to get the info for the group post!

  4. LOVE the new name!


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