May 30, 2012


it's only the start of our adventure.

when we moved from new york to north carolina, we were excited. we thought it would be fun to take a little break from life and spend time with my family. we thought it would be great to have every day to spend together, without the worry of household bills and work and normal blah-blah everyday life stuff. 

but let me tell you, i missed all the blah-blah. the beginning was fun. and then jobs weren't being handed to M. the house was crowded. i missed our stuff - our comfy sofas and my white dishes. i missed my best friends down the street and being 30 minutes away from the city. i even started missing those loud families parties we'd go to with his family in the city. i missed tucking L in bed and just relaxing with M at night. i missed everything about our old life and i was quickly starting to hate our new one. it took a toll on all of us. there were days that i really didn't like M and he really didn't like me. i know that's kind of mean, but it's true. it was a huge test.

until one day we got the best call. i won't forget that day. i had taken l-bug out for a girls day. we had gone to target and had just stopped at coopers. they sell new orleans style sno-cones. we got banana that day - they were amazing. but i had just got lia settled in the car and she was yelling about her ball when the phone rang. at that time, M was working a temp job with the state to help with hurricane cleanup. he worked long days & weekends and we rarely ever saw him. hands down, that's one of the best phone calls i've ever received. he told me the news. he was offered a GS position in Parris Island, SC and of course, had accepted. we were moving!! i was shaking and crying. i was just SO excited. i didn't have words at first. i just saw there, relishing in the moment. knowing god had finally anwsered our prayers. life was going to change again and i will always be grateful for that day.

we moved to south carolina roughly a week later. after a quick two day trip, we found a house to rent then drove back to NC to pick up L and our stuff and drove back to SC the next day. i remember during that two-day trip, we went to dinner at the house of his former boss from new york who also works with him now in south carolina. they were talking to us about buying houses with a VA loan and such. i sat back thinking, what a dream that would be, but not really thinking we'd buy a house anytime in the near future.

but here we are. almost 8 months in to living here and we are buying a house. actually, we're building a house. it's crazy! it's nerve-wracking and scary and HUGE. but it's fun and exciting and happy! we signed the paper work yesterday and we'll have a few more appointments in the near future but then our house will get started. we are hoping to be in by november.

this is the sample of our home. we'll get to customize colors and whatever goes inside. and we'll be putting a stone ledge on the front of the house. we are EXCITED! it's actually something thats on my bucket list that i didn't think i'd get to cross off - but hello, we are blessed. it wasn't the easiest. we went through several neighborhoods and fell in love with all of them. i had to say goodbye to my dream of having a southern charleston style home because what went with that dream just wasn't realistic. we lost out on our top two lot choices in the neighborhood we chose, but everything happens for a reason and we are happy with where we stand. 

i am sure there will be trials and hard times in the future. but for now, we are just so darn excited that we are becoming homeowners. and grateful. we are extremely grateful that we made it through last year and we are where we are now. just pray that everything works out as it looks it should!

ps. thanks to my amazing husband for dreaming this dream with me. and working so hard to make it come true.

house image belongs to landmark 24 homes.


  1. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear updates on your new home!

    1. thank you! i am sure i will find plenty to update on :)

  2. How exciting for you! Congrats, your house will be gorgeous!


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