May 14, 2012


late last night i was introduced into a new chapter of motherhood. the sick chapter.

L has had runny noses and coughs. she has had fevers and a weird throat infection compliments of a small diner in queens. she's had normal sickness. but last night was the first time she has vomited.


i was going to bed late, around 1 AM, when i heard what sounded like choking and gasping for breath coming from her room. i ran in to find her throwing up. vomit was everywhere. i went straight into mom mode. it didn't matter how bad it smelled. it didn't matter that before my little girl got sick, the sight of vomit always made me sick. what mattered was getting my scared, shaking little girl cleaned and comforted. i surprised myself.

i ran a warm bath and cleaned her help. M put the soiled items in the wash while i got her in clean jammies and settled in our room. the night didn't get any better. she was up from 1 AM - 6 AM, getting sick and feeling cruddy.

i sent M to sleep in the other room so at least one of us could sleep and avoid the germs. us girls finally fell asleep around 6ish and woke up a few hours later to some of the girls in my moms group knocking on my door because we were supposed to be hosting playgroup this morning. duh, me. i slept through my alarm and forgot to send emails and messages to all the girls. thankfully, they were all awesome and understood.

but as i was laying in bed, with an upset toddler, i realized this is motherhood. sleepless nights. putting everything you have into your kids. sick nights. loads of laundry. making bowls of chicken soup. i feel like i earned one more motherhood badge last night. no matter how hard it is, i love being a mom. it's what i am supposed to do. i know this with every fiber of my being.

today is a better day. i'm exhausted but errands and to-dos won over today. L hasn't thrown up since around 6 AM and she seems to be back to her normal self, mostly. we did another morning bath. all the bedding is getting washed and i lysoled the heck out of the house. 

i am hoping it's just a 24 hour bug that leaves as fast as it came. no more sickies, please!


  1. I hope your little one feels better soon! My daughter is not feeling well either. It seems like the summer sickness is the worst.

    1. it totally is! we would have much rathered being outside in the sun instead of instead being sick :(

      hope your daughter gets well fast!

  2. Wow I'm proud of you. I have this serious phobia to vomits since I was a kid, honestly I need treatment :( if I see someone doing it, or listen to it even in a movie I paralyze, start trembling until I finally faint. It's pure horror.
    But when my little one gets sick, I have to be there you know? Normally I'm around people when it happens so they help me, although I've never fainted when she's sick it's like going through the motions not really knowing what I'm doing.
    It's difficult still, so I'm very proud of you.

    Hey!! First time Lia vomits?? That's awesome.

  3. Poor kiddo. Isn't it the worst when your little ones get sick? I know I always feel so helpless. And yes, you totally earned a new motherhood badge last night! Saw the link to your blog through Te And Baby and love it. I'm your newest follower:)

    1. yea it pretty much stinks!

      thanks for following ♥


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