May 23, 2012

may sponsor highlights | part two.

i LOVE all the great spring must-haves the girls shared yesterday. i'm excited to share more. please show some love with the rest of my sponsors.
meet josephine from letters to sophia


spring dresses
i LOVE having a lot of fun, bright colored, spring dresses to wear during this season. i never feel comfortable in shorts so dresses work perfectly and they always seem so fancy looking even if you're having a casual day. i also love putting sophia in dresses.

spending lots of time outside
i think it's very important to take your children outside to play. and spring weather is perfect for this! i know this isn't really a must-have but it's a must-do. sophia loves being outside and i love just sitting in the grass and watching her play.

a camera
 spring is just so beautiful and i find myself wanting to take pictures of everything during spring. so my camera, whether it's my actual camera or iPhone, is a must-have. i am constantly snapping pictures of sophia outside or flowers blooming during this time of year. all my pictures seem to be prettier in spring.

meet jessica from sweet green tangerine



music festivals

a good book to cuddle up with on those rainy spring days

meet erika from te and baby 


i am so excited about the warm weather. are you!? here are three things on my "must-have" list for this spring.

a cute swimsuit
like this one!


my body is kind of all over the place right now after having my baby and this tankini is perfect to cover up the sagginess that is my new belly. plus, it has a built-in bra, which makes this big boobed girl pretty happy.

a kindle or a nook
like this one!


i used to be completely against nooks...but, i have since been converted. it's so easy to just throw into my bag and i find myself reading so much more now. i just bought the cheapest one (no bells and whistles) and it is perfect for my needs.

yellow pants
like these!


i'm serious. i just bought a pair and they changed my life.

i think these girls are on to something too. yellow pants, lots of spring pictures on the camera and a roadtrip. i'm in!

i'm looking for sponsors for the month of june! if you want to swap, email me at blogalittlesomething{at}gmail{dot}com.

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