May 8, 2012

losing it.


image via here.
another week down, another week closer to what i want. i slacked off a little this week. i skipped pretty much all of my morning walks with L and only worked out in the evenings. i didn't count any calories over the weekend. but i didn't overeat or eat a bunch of junk either. 

i gained a couple of ounces. so basically, i'm still at the same weight as last week. but not seeing that number on the scale go down gave me the push for this week. to be a little more mindful of what i eat. to fit in an extra workout or two. 

i am thrilled with the 7 lbs i have lost so far. i am so close to my first 10 lb goal, i can feel it. i can't wait to get there!


  1. You will get there! I found the thing that worked the best for me was not fretting. Wether its what I ate or if I didn't work out etc. I just own it and make sure next day is better.


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