May 22, 2012

lia and her bubba.

i wish we got to see family more. i wish we could easily afford to take all the trips we want. and i wish they would just come down our way more. but that's not the way it is, and we don't see them very often.

that doesn't stop lia though. she has some fierce bonds with family. she's only been close by her bubba for a few months and already they are best friends. i mean, the second she sees him, it's "bubba this" and "bubba that". she always keeps him in her sight. i see so many similarities in those two.

last week, she got to see her bubba for a day. he wanted to watch the cat in the hat movie. the funny one with mike meyers. we own it but L has never seen it. she has never sat through a whole movie. she'll watch plenty of episodes of YGG or Olivia. but never a movie. that movie has now played at least 6 times in our house. six! and for the most part, she'll sit through the whole thing. and then all she talks about is the cat.

these two just have such a bond. it makes my heart happy knowing that even if we can't see the ones we love very often, lia knows them and has them in her heart.

i overhead her talking to her poppa on her play phone the other day. she received a post card in the mail from my sister, her boys & my mom. she was gripping that tightly this morning when she stumbled out of bed and through the house to my room. and she has a small notebook that she has me draw in every day for her. it always has to be tywer, bubba or pop pa. sometimes she asks for mom (meaning grandma) or the dogs.

she loves them SO much.

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  1. oh Lia ... you are too cute! That picture of her and her bubba is priceless.


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