May 7, 2012


i'm hosting my first thirty-one party this week. so i've got to stay on top of cleaning the house, laundry, squeezing in special moments with L, learning how to take orders & run the business, work-out & give my weight loss a serious kick in the butt. and my mom, sister & nephews are stopping by for a quick visit on their way to florida!

whew. i'm going to be busy.

this past weekend was awesome. but since i don't have time now to tell you all about our weekending adventures (that included a tick, a crab & dolphins!), here's a sneak peak!

our girl has a serious love for the ocean. just like her mama.

more beach and weekending pictures to come. have an awesome monday!


  1. A tick?!? Yikes! We kept seeing them while we were camping this weekend! Eekk!

    And oh my - those pictures are adorable. She's a doll.

  2. Tick?! Oh man ..... but shes such a cutie love her bathing suit and that's so good that she loves the water, a lot of kids dread big oceans haha.

  3. Your little girl is soo cute! :) I love her swimsuit!
    Both of my boys love the water like I do and I hope #3 loves the water just as much! :)


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