May 28, 2012


we've had a great weekend. full of some shopping and grilling out and house hunting. 

but i can't help but feel the whole day should be all about our heroes. the enlisted, the veterans, the amazing guys & gals fighting overseas for us. FOR US!

i am the proud wife of one amazing veteran. i'm so blessed to have him.

marine corp ball 2009 and 8 months pregnant with L || our last marine corp ball in 2010 with our best friends || M's last day in the corp

remember to say thank you. it's the smallest act of kindness but trust me, it lights up their worlds. it takes a special person to be a hero. we're lucky to have our own.

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  1. GREAT POST! Politics aside, I think it is so important for our members of the armed services to know that their sacrifice is not in vain.


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