May 4, 2012


happy friday! this weekend was long coming. the actual week didn't feel long but with starting a new business, crazy toddler tantrums and trying to keep up with the household, i'm glad it's finally here. 

i'm spending the day with my littlest love at home. while we're waiting for fedex to drop off my thirty-one kit (yay!), we're doing a little spring cleaning in her closest, again. she has so much stuff that is the wrong season or doesn't fit that i need to weed through that i go through her clothes several times before i am done. i sell some, trash others and tuck away the special ones for our next babe. 


last night, i quietly slipped out of the house while M took L on a walk and i had a few hours to myself. it was nice. i came back feeling a lot better. and i find myself talking to L nicer, with more patience today.

i was able to find some pretty good deals on summer clothing for the bug. she just keeps growing and we weren't prepared for living somewhere so warm all the time. and i love the stuff i got so much, i think i'll be heading back later today to snag up a few more items.


and this adorable outfit!


i don't find the time to ask or take quiet time for myself. i don't do time management so well yet. but that's something on my to-do list for next week. to get organized and find time for everything i need and myself. and M, because he's pretty important around here. and i also figured, if i am more clearheaded and less frazzled, i'll be able to keep my cool more. and if i can't change lia's temper, maybe i can help show her a better way to react to things. 

all mamas need some organization and a few quiet hours to themselves every now and then.


and since it's friday, how about some links to love?

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say hello to my newest sponsor. she's pretty awesome.

i'm looking for some new sponsors. want to sponsor us in may? email me or find the details here!

happy friday! 

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