May 23, 2012


inspired by this girl and every one else doing this "currently" series.


reading: just finished bloom by kelle hampton. i cried. i was inspired. i felt raw emotions for kelle and her family.

watching: tangled. the little girl of the house rules the tv during the day time hours. 

thinking about: the future! what my adventure in selling thirty-one will hold for me. will we get pre-approved for the house we want? if we do, is it the right house? are we sure all the goods outweigh the not-so-good? is it the right move for us? is another baby in our near future? i feel like as a family, we are coming up on one of those crossroads that can change your entire future. it's exciting to dream up what it will be like when our dreams start coming true. but on the other hand, i am a worry-wart by nature.

loving: the bright blue skies and sunshine that south carolina brings to the table. strolling down the streets of savannah. L's laugh.

anticipating: july! we're going to north carolina to see my family for the 4th and M's sister will be staying with us for a few weeks.

listening to: my playlists have been full of matt nathanson, andrew allen, train and andy grammer lately.

eating: healthier! or at least trying. i slacked off the last few weeks and stuffed my face full of sweets & mexican food. but this week, i want to get back on track. egg whites were the breakfast plan this morning.

feeling thankful for: a lot! M, for knowing when to be amazing. L, for always making me laugh. my friends who keep me sane during the week and have helped support my thirty-one business. having a roof over our heads and food on the table. good health. living so close to the beach. our bikes. the library.


  1. Thanks for the swap! Your blog is LOVELY!

    Melissa @

  2. Thanks for linking up! I love your currentlies! I can really relate to what you are thinking about. Crossroads are exciting, but boy are they scary.

  3. The movie in our house at the moment is Rio- my daughter asks to watch "the birds" constantly. I also fell off from eating healthy- time to get back on track!

  4. Yay! Thanks for linking up!! Mexican food is sooooo hard to stay away from! Maybe throw some salsa on those egg whites?? A little side of avocado, perhaps?


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