April 21, 2012


hi, weekenders!

 i don't usually post on saturdays but the hubs is doing some work and l-bug is quietly playing. i thought i'd share a peek into our weekend.

last night we grabbed a pizza and ended up in savannah to check out the charlie daniels band and little big town. i said i was only going to eat 2 pieces. but i ate 3 1/2. it was SO good. but i did regret it. i felt sick and full of grease. we ended up parking a good 1/2 mile or so away from the park so i squeezed in an impromptu workout. yay me! 

we got to the park just in time. the show started about 15 minutes early and it was packed. the show was amazing. it was seriously awesome to see the charlie daniels band live. and lia did great. this was her second concert (third if you count the one i took her to while i was still preggo!) and she LOVED it. we danced and sang and she would clap after every song. the girl loves her music.

we left the show early but it was a perfect evening. and savannah is gorgeous. i complained most of the walk back to the car because of my shoes, but walking downtown savannah reminded me of the streets of new york city and that made me happy.

she was eyeing the playground next to us.

today has been pretty low-key. l-bug slept through the night so we got to relax in bed a little longer this morning. i made a healthier version of french toast for breakfast, m did the dishes, we ran a few errands & rented a couple movies and then we took a 3 mile bike ride to the grocery store and stocked up on some fresh fruits and veggies.

we may take a family walk this evening but the day is just open. some weekends you just need an easy, open day.

ride a bike, enjoy family time...have fun. enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Your daughter is so darling! We stayed in - it rained ALL weekend. Blah!


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