April 10, 2012


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every morning, i wake up to face a new challenge. be it big or small, it's a test of my patience. of my sanity. of how fun a mom i'll be that day.

lia is sassy. she's a girl. and we all know how we can be, right? she wants what she wants when she wants it. she loses her little temper at the snap of a finger. she can go from a sweet angel to oh my god, there has to be something wrong with my kid in a second. she's your normal two year old.

now, i'll give her credit. she's good at pushing my buttons so i really should just change them often. maybe i should start yoga to keep my inner peace.

today's challenge include endless whining, juice spilled all over the freshly laundered sheets, dog puke right under my feet as i ate lunch, screams over applesauce because it came from a jar and not a pouch and anger because really i should not have been taking a shower this morning instead of laying in bed watching cartoons.

it's all good.

we went to story time earlier. and my heart soared as i watched my shy, quiet little girl join along in dancing and hand games. she clapped her hands like an alligators chomp and she shook her musical toy up and down and in circles and she's got the moves to skinamarinky dinky dink down.

and then she insisted on sitting in the main section of the library. but someone had the wiggles and didn't really want to sit still. so, she ended up bumping her head and i ended up knocking over several cases of brochures. then she almost knocked down an easel. 

so we got out of the library as fast as we could. and her little legs made her fall down in the parking lot.

everything comes full circle. motherhood is amazing. it's beautiful and rewarding and fun and the very best thing i've ever done. and then there's all the bad stuff. and no matter how frustrated i get or how many times i look up at the ceiling and wonder what i'm doing wrong or how many days naptime can't come fast enough...it's all good.

seriously. i love being a mom. it's the best thing i've ever been called.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head about motherhood! All of the emotions you described, I can feel in a single hour, ha! Gotta love toddlerhood :)

    1. there's nothing you can do BUT love toddlerhood haha.

  2. You are such a good momma!!! I love the quote about motherhood. Somedays, I am so ready for Dominick to be here and then there's others where I'm scared $^*&less

    1. thanks allison! and you know what? you're gonna be a great mama too! i know it :) and it's okay to be scared. we all are. i'm still scared some days. but we just keep pushing through!


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