April 4, 2012

a monkey that edits photos...

we all know picnik is closing down later this month. and it's a bummer because i loved their program. it was mostly free, easy and quick. perfect for edit-ers like me who have no idea what they are doing and are too scared to open up the photoshop software i have.

but i thought i'd let you guys know that there's a new guy in town. i don't take credit for this find. i discovered it through a tweet. i quickly found the site, popped a photo in it and started editing. SO easy, user-friendly and awesome. and for now, it's free.

 the site is actually made by some rockin' picnik guys. i, for one, am totally estatic about it. it's called picmonkey. it's gonna be hard not to love this one so i hope it sticks around.

 Photobucket Photobucket

i took this photo last weekend at our neighborhood easter egg hunt. i just ran it through the auto-fix button and the burst effect. nothing earth-shattering but it brightens up a cute shot of my girl.

happy editing.

i'm not being paid for this. in fact, picmonkey has no idea who i am. i am just really excited about having a new editing program to work with.


  1. YAY! Your amazzzinnnggg for sharing this great news. I loved picnic too and have no extra money or time to spend on Photoshop. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. thanks :D you are SO welcome! i was so excited to find out about the program that i couldn't not share, you know? enjoy!!

  2. thanks for sharing! I have photo shop express but still used picnik from time to time so I'm glad there's something out there like it!


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