April 19, 2012


i haven't picked up my camera this week. actually, i don't think i've picked it up since easter weekend. i've been wrapped up in my iPhone and instagram pictures lately. so i grabbed my camera this morning, hoping to get a good shot.

but someone wasn't too happy about me taking pictures so this is what i got. it's full of happiness for me though. this kid is where the majority of my happiness stems from. and the shirt she's wearing? it was a sweet gift from my friend emily. she sent it while they were still living in alaska and it has the cutest puffin on the front. friends + puffins? we'll take it.

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Mrs Stephanie T


  1. What a little sweetie pie!!!

    xo, Amanda

  2. she's so cute! & i love the shirt. I've been lazy with my camera too, iphone's are just so much easier.


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