April 18, 2012


if you follow me on instagram (my name is alittlesomething), you've probably seen all these. but here's what we've been up to lately.

we've been spending tons of time outside. a certain little girl is turning so brown it makes me jealous. it's officially bbq, pool & sandbox weather around here and we're soaking up every minute of it. i had a fun girls night out in old navy. we made muffins from scratch the other night and they were really yummy. and speaking of food, i've decided to start counting calories, trying to work out and get fit. i even got some new jeans for motivation. go me!

everything else is our norm. play dates and story times with l-bug. trying to get her sleeping habits back on track and the tantrums to a minimum. my back is doing SO much better, which makes me a real happy mama. and tobes is driving me nuts, as usual.

i think we're looking at a low-key weekend coming up. if it doesn't rain, maybe we'll hit the beach or a bike ride. something fun!

happy wednesday.

if anyone has any good healthy eating/track calories/getting fit tips or wanna be buddies in this thing, email me or comment here. i'd love to hear what you got!

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