April 9, 2012


oh man. some days i have lots to blog and as i sit here, i just don't have the energy to get the words out. ever felt like that?

we spent the morning at a fun playdate and i got to meet some new mamas. then we stopped by the library and headed home for lunch. i finally got l-bug down for a nap in her room after promising to take her outside to play in the water later. 

and here i am. happy that it's been a good day with minimal tantrums. but i'm telling the dog to stop whining every other minute because he wants to go outside where he can escape under the fence and terrorize the neighborhood. and i'm feeling tired from our busy weekend and the words just aren't coming.

so i'll leave you with a quick recap (and lots of pictures!) of m's birthday and easter. 


we celebrated hard this weekend. 

there was a trip to the beach complete with a picnic and bike ride. we tried to fly a kite. we grilled out a few times and ate tacos on the patio. we played with l's water table. there were lots of plastic eggs, colorful eggs and treats. l-bug got some new outdoor toys (bubbles, chalk, etc). we had a birthday cookie cake. we played a board game and soaked up every minute of the weekend together. 

it was busy. it was fun. it was exactly how weekends should be.

now we're gearing up for another normal week around here. 
happy monday.

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