April 30, 2012

ch ch ch changes...

i feel like i've been SO busy lately. i've been here & there, you know, doing stuff. i feel like life is at one of those points where you can just feel that everything is about to change. a good change.

we had a yard sale this past weekend, and i have TOO much stuff leftover. even so, i made enough to start a new adventure! i have been thinking for a while about working from home and i decided to become a thirty-one consultant. basically the bags are amazing & they sell a bunch of other great stuff too. i love that i can help out financially and still stay home with lia-bug. she drives me nuts most days but i wouldn't give any of those days up.

so, a little shameless plug here, if you want to order any of your favorites (or you want to discover some new favorites!), email me :) or check out my website here.

in other BIG news, i've lost 7.2 lbs! remember this post here? being happy sunk in. taking the steps to being who i want and doing what i want sunk in. i don't hate working out. i don't hate counting calories. i don't get tempted like i used to. now don't get me wrong, some days i am feigning for a dr. pepper. and if it's really bad, i'll get one. but most days, i'm just inspired by the work i am putting in.

i'm excited for the future. i'm excited to freaking shop! and i'm excited for making money while still having time for everything else i do. i think this is going to be good.

i'll be back this week with a few new posts. lia has been talking up a storm + getting pretty big. so i've got things to talk about!

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