April 20, 2012


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i'm happy today. maybe it's endorphins. maybe it's because i made a change. maybe it's because i deserve it.

it's probably because i deserve it, huh? haha!

we all do. we all deserve to be giddy, shout it on the rooftops, don't care who knows happy.

i decided that this week was the start of a new week. i haven't always been happy. i haven't always taken care of myself. i haven't always been able to fit into my jeans. and that's pretty crappy.

i have told myself a million times that tomorrow is the day. and then i lied to myself a million times. so i'm not saying this time will be perfect. i'm not saying i won't get frustrated, or want to quit, or have a slip up.

i am saying that when that happens, i'll put my big girl panties on and keep doing what i need to do. i'm starting with small goals and when i accomplish those, i'll dream up bigger ones :)

right now:
count calories and track all food
exercise at least 3 times a week, track workouts
eat more fruits + veggies and less sugar, fat + processed junk
drink water
lose 30 lbs

i have only been doing this since tuesday. but i haven't wanted to quit yet. that's a start. and i've learned these past few days that when i eat like this, lia eats like this. girl loves her juice, but it's not just great for her. once i started drinking more water, so did she. and it makes me feel like such a better mom. knowing that i am showing and teaching her good, healthy habits.

i'm a caffeine-freak. i love the stuff. especially in the form of dr. pepper and sweet tea. typically, i don't drink any water. so bad, i know. but this week, i've only had 1 soda and 2 sweet tea's. that's a huge improvement from having 3-4 a day.

i feel like something has clicked this time. i'm still not crazy about counting calories but it helps me so much seeing what i am putting in my body.

i'm still figuring out how to do this all. but i'm going to get there. i'm going to get to the point where i am happy about how i feel and how i look. where i can walk into a store and not shop only shoes & accessories because i can't fit into their clothes. i'm going to be confident. healthy. happy. and i'm going to look good doing it. one step at a time. one pound at a time.


on another note, it's friday! hip hip! i overheard on the radio this morning that the charlie daniels band and little big town will be putting on a free concert in the park in savannah tonight. i am SO there. i may love my big cities, but i am a country girl at heart. and i can rock out to the devil went down to georgia any day. especially when i'll be in georgia. we're gonna grab a pizza and drive down. and i promise to blot the grease off my pizza and only eat two slices. 

it's a life change i am making. not a diet. not a temporary thing. so i know nights like this will happen. where something pops up last minute and we'll miss our nightly workout and pizza will be dinner. but that doesn't mean i have to feel guilty or overeat. i just adjust.

i'm happy. and i like that feeling.

happy weekending!

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  1. wonderful quote, wonderful post. we need to declare this moment of happiness much more, rather than oversharing whwn we feel the opposite!

    thank you for this :)

    xo, amanda



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